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your yield

Master your
bid stream

We’ve Created Rivr with One Purpose:

Unifying The Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

Closing the programmatic gap between advertisers and publishers, is about tackling the lack of transparency in the traffic evaluation process and the according disparity of assessment of quality.

Rivr, acts as a universal translator and classifies audiences in real time at the intersection of the bid stream between the demand and supply side. Hence, rather than adding more mismatched data partners, giving each party different feedback and results, Rivr provides both sides a unified and authenticated view on the user when trading programmatically.

According to the demand side’s willingness to pay for a specific audience, publishers can adapt to a dynamic pricing strategy that represents the real value of an audience versus the actual demand. As a result, advertisers will be able to receive the specific audiences they want and publishers can optimize pricing and fill rates accordingly.

“It’s a fascinating employment of AI”

Gavin Dunaway
Editorial Director – AdMonsters

How Rivr Creates Value For

Both Sides of the Ecosystem?

By tapping directly into the bidstream, Rivr’s AI engine sources factual audience information on the most granular level. In real time, Rivr understands how the demand side is classifying the user whilst identifying user characteristics and actual behavior on the supply side via the user’s activities within and across apps and domains. Supplementary to this end-to-end process, the user’s ad interaction is added to authenticate actual interest and intent. With a single integration, SSPs and publishers are able to authenticate user classifications across the value chain and suggest optimal floor prices for each demand partner.

User Level Yield Optimization

User-Level Floor Pricing

Rivr suggests the optimal floor price for each bid request
based on market conditions.

Demand Partners Selection

Rivr’s intelligent traffic shapping selects the most appropriate
demand partner for each bid request.

What’s under the Hood?

The User as the Yield Optimization Factor

Rivr delivers maximum revenue from each auction,
only based on what’s available in the bidstream.

Model Desktop
Model Mobile

Rivr by the Numbers

The beta-results that were calculated from our partners (SSPs and Publishers) in Europe and the US have confirmed that when both sides have the same view on the user when trading programmatically, opportunities arise for all parties that participate in the advertising value chain.




Fill rate




Bid Requests
to Demand

Seamless Implementation

With a single integration, SSPs and publishers are able to authenticate user classifications across the value chain and suggest optimal floor prices for each demand partner.

Header Bidding
Rivr integrates with your wrapper via our adapter or any server side solution.
Rivr Library
Implement our server side library to authenticate classifications between Supply and Demand.

Rivr News

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09 Jan 2019

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