Traffic Shaping

Better performance at a lower cost; get more from

your unique, resell and header bidding traffic.

Increasing Efficiency

For Supply Side Platforms

Rivr’s AI-powered traffic-shaping technology works to reduce the “waste” or unanswered bid requests weighing down your programmatic ad exchange. Saving on operational costs and increasing the overall health of your programmatic ecosystem. 

Using the data available in the bid stream, Rivr’s intelligent demand selection dynamically decreases bid requests sent: expediting auctions, and driving value for partners within their server-side auctions. 


Currently, over 95% of bid requests sent go unanswered. Every bid request sent is costing you money for traffic and server resources. By sending bid requests only to relevant demand partners these can be cut off, with high revenue retention.


Be a source of higher quality traffic for demand partners and of more revenue for your supply partners. Rivr optimizes your exchange to provide better matches with fewer unfilled requests, improving market dynamics overall.


Ensure fewer unessential requests to process for each auction. Therefore shortening the total time needed per auction and reducing server costs.


In the ever changing world of programmatic advertising, there are a lot of factors to worry about. Auction dynamics shouldn’t be one of them. 

“It’s a fascinating employment of AI”

Gavin Dunaway
Editorial Director – AdMonsters

Reduced Waste

Increased Performance

The more bid requests sent out per auction, the higher the success rate. But this is only effective if the right bid requests are going to the right partners at the right time. 


Rivr’s in process library authenticates classifications between Supply and Demand.  In doing so SSPs see an increase in bid requests sent to relevant partners and a decrease in “waste”. This removes the need for costly processing on both sides of the ecosystem.

demand selection

Using audience/user level analysis of the bid stream, Rivr classifies each individual bid request. Thus determining which users are in high demand vs low and no demand.  Rivr’s intelligent demand selection then sends the request only to those demand partners that are running campaigns looking for that specific audience, and, are thus most likely to bid.

Rivr in action

These results, calculated from our SSP partners in the US, have confirmed that authenticating audiences between supply and demand creates a win-win situation within the programmatic value chain.

Reduction in

Requests to DSPs





No two auctions are alike.

Our models take this into consideration. 

At the outset of our working relationship, our models learn from your bidstream data. They determine how many bid requests should be cut in order to achieve the ideal level of profit. Concessions are made so long as they have a minimal impact on revenue. This model setup will be different for each exchange. 

Monitoring on an individual bidder level, is ongoing to ensure no single bidder’s revenue is more significantly affected than our global averages, maintaining healthy partner relationships. 

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