Rivr Advertising Privacy Policy

Last updated: 13 September 2018


By design, Simplaex created Rivr to fully comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Privacy Policy governs and details the main privacy principles Simplaex (“we,” “us,” “our”) applies to the data we collect and process through Rivr, our yield management solution, i.e. the data collected from the publisher, media owner or supply side platform (“our clients”). This Privacy Policy describes how Simplaex collects, uses and secures information through this service.

For privacy policies regarding the use of the Simplaex website please read the Website Privacy Policy.


What does Simplaex do?

Simplaex is the company behind the world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered advertising technology. As ads move through the programmatic supply chain, Simplaex aligns the ROI interests of the demand and supply side by creating a unified insight in understanding and valuation of consumer behavior.

This makes advertising more relevant for consumers and allows publishers to offer content for no or lower costs. The platform was built in Germany with user privacy at the core of its design from day one. Therefore, it complies with European Data Protection Regulations (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and applicable national data protection laws.

 The Advertising Privacy Policy for our Demand Side solutions can be found here.


What information does Rivr collect?

Rivr analyses the information made available within our clients’ programmatic bid stream. Usually entailing the information that comprises a completed auction event (such as, but not limited to: ad format, floor price, demand partner ID, bid price, etc) plus any post auction events (such as, but not limited to: clicks, views, etc) Applying pattern recognition algorithms on this information Rivr compiles similar profiles into groups dubbed “audience classifications”. These then seed a library from which subsequent bid requests can be provided with a suggested floor price and list of relevant demand partners for each audience in the expectation of producing improved auction outcomes for both seller and buyer.


At Simplaex, we require our clients to satisfy all transparency disclosure and consent requirements to enable us to process the above information safely. It includes data generated through the platform, although none of the information (technical and all other information) submitted to Simplaex is personally identifiable information (PII). It is not possible for Simplaex, nor is it desired by Simplaex, to identify individuals via the information collected by Rivr.


How do we use this information?

Simplaex uses this information gathered from our clients’ programmatic bid stream for online marketing purposes, in detail, we use the information to:

  • Predict preferences for interest-based advertising
  • Determine how anonymous users may respond to certain ads
  • Report aggregated statistics regarding, for example, the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns


Who do we share this information with?

We disclose the information to the following categories of recipients:

  • To our clients to deliver interest-based advertising and other information describing e.g. ad format, context and general statistical information,
  • To any competent law enforcement body, regulatory, government agency, court or other third party where we believe disclosure is necessary (i) as a matter of applicable law or regulation, (ii) to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights, or (iii) to protect our clients vital interests or those of any other entity,
  • To a potential buyer (and its agents and advisors) in connection with any proposed purchase, merger or acquisition of any part of our business, provided that we inform the buyer it must use the information only for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Notice;


Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our use of this information or if you have questions about privacy on the Advertising Platform, please contact us at: privacy@simplaex.com


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