Rivr Hosts Exclusive Roundtable

Rivr, the new AI-powered Audience Yield Manager that enables SSPs and publishers to advance to an audience-based performance model, today announced it will host a special roundtable event entitled “Supply Side Innovation: Is it the Missing Piece in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem?” Scheduled for Wednesday, June 6th from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. ET in New York at ZAG S&W Law Firm, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. The roundtable will explore issues, trends and opportunities that are currently top-of-mind with the digital advertising and media industries, including:

  • Publisher alliances and why they haven’t delivered on their promise.
  • Consolidation in the industry, especially on the supply side e.g. Snap & Metamarkets, Rubicon & NToggle.
  • Blockchain being applied to digital advertising — a welcome degree of complexity that will add value or just hype.
  • If the complexity of technology should be applied to those areas where humans cannot perform — like in how RTB works in less than 200ms.
  • How to demonstrate value-add as opposed to being considered part of the “tech tax.”
  • What does the landscape between Publisher and Advertiser look like in 5 years?
  • If simplicity of technology should be used where humans need to interface with technology or rather at the intersection of manual and automation — like in set-up, execution, and reporting, among related topics and issues.

The roundtable, hosted by James Hercher, Reporter, AdExchanger, will feature several notable industry executives including:

  • Jeffry van Ede, CEO & Co-Founder, Simplaex
  • Romain Job, Chief Product Officer, Smart AdServer
  • Ahmed Karim, Yield Optimization Lead, Chegg
  • Jim Asip, Director, Programmatic Sales, Cox
  • Eric Zambrana, Global Head of Inventory and Yield Management, TripAdvisor
  • John Delvito, Yield & Ad Ops Manager Programmatic Specialist, Nasdaq
  • Stephanie Layser, VP Advertising Technology & Operations, NewsCorp
  • Matt Friedman, SVP of Publisher Operations, EMX
  • Charlene Chen, Account Director, Global Brands and Agency Teams, Sonobi
  • Yinon Horwitz, Global Data Strategy, StartApp

“There’s an enormous gap that divides the digital advertising industry. On one side, you have the ‘walled gardens’ and on the other side is everyone else. These walled gardens derive their power from being the sole system standing between demand and supply. This allows them to ‘speak’ the same language throughout the process from bid request to serving an impression. However, SSPs and publishers are in a unique position to act as a ‘translator’ to the fragmented ecosystem. By detecting the bidding patterns on the demand side, plus all the available data in the bid stream, allows them to shift to an audience-based advertising and fight back against the ‘walled gardens’!,” said van Ede. “We’re delighted to bring together some of the industry’s smartest and brightest minds to have an open dialogue to discuss the issues of the day, how to address the challenges digital advertisers face, and how we can find the best monetization tools.”

To attend this special roundtable breakfast, please register here.


Rivr is a new Audience Yield Manager, powered by Simplaex’s AI-backbone, that enables SSPs and publishers to progress to an audience-based performance model, delivering exponential value to both advertisers and publishers. Rivr is the first AI technology that will reduce waste and complexity, create a new kind of transparency and control to deliver ROI benefits across the full programmatic spectrum. For more information, visit http://biz251.inmotionhosting.com/~rivrai5/ or follow us on Twitter.

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