Join us! Rivr Panel Discussion @Admonsters Ops NYC : What’s the Role of Data in Today’s Publisher Strategies?
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We are hosting a panel discussion at Admonsters Ops NYC on June 4th at 12:20 pm – Join us!
“While the duopoly continues to garner the lion’s share of ad spend, smart publishers are realizing the value of their first-party data—intent, purchase, site visitation—and layering it with third-party data—behaviors and interests—to uncover richer consumer insights that enable them to tell better audience stories and augment targeting. Programmatic further offers the opportunity to dig even deeper into today’s increasingly complex customer journey to adjust audiences and targeting on the fly. What’s more as privacy concerns mount and we move toward a cookiless future, the role that data plays across direct sales, OpenRTB and PMPs will change greatly. The path forward will vary for each publisher. Questions like: Is it better to build or buy? Will a Universal ID help level the playing field? Are becoming more common. This panel will address all of these topics and more.”


  • Benjamin Hansz – VP Strategy, Simplaex – Rivr
  • Julian Zilderbrand – EVP Audience Science, Viacom
  • William Won – Director Concert Marketplace Revenue, Vox Media


Are you attending Admonsters Ops? Let’s talk!

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