Rivr Audience Yield Manager — Outline of The Tour


For the last year, Simplaex has been developing our Audience Yield Manager called Rivr. Thanks to the input of our beta partners, we’ve developed a fantastic platform that allows Publishers and SSPs to set the right floor price and select the relevant demand partners — on the audience level.

Now it’s time to hit the road and share Rivr with the rest of the world!
In order to do that, I’m about to embark on a tour across Europe and North America, making stops in various conferences and sundry cities.

For those who like stats, take a gander at this. This tour will include:
– 8 events
– 7 cities
– 16 flights
– 64 hours in the air

The events that I’ll be going to are:
Mobile Growth Summit — Berlin
DMEXCO — Cologne
DIG Publishers — Lisbon
Programmatic I/O — New York
Admonsters — Austin
Digiday — Scottsdale
Programmatic Punch — London
Simplaex Event — Berlin

This doesn’t take into account a number of smaller trips to Paris, Hamburg, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and London!

Berlin is nicely bookending this tour. We’ll be starting off easy with Mobile Growth Summit in Berlin as the first stop. The last event will be Simplaex’s own event at the start of December back in Berlin! A nice way of celebrating the finish of the tour with an event in our own backyard.

For now, I’m going to rest up, stretch (never want to pull a hammy!) and prepare for the adventure. First Stop — MGS Berlin!

Follow my progress on twitter @bjhansz or via the Simplaex Blog.

– PEACE!!! (out)

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