Programmatic Punch is done, on to Simplaex event!

I’m not saying that the year is over, but the year is over, right? Wrong.

At the beginning of September when we first laid out the plan to attend eight conferences by the first week of December, it didn’t seem impossible as much as it was a lot of work. And phew boy, was it ever! Now at the back end of that schedule with only the Simplaex Company Christmas party to worry about, I’m happy for having put in the effort. Last week saw me finishing up the Rivr Road Trip by attending The Drum’s Programmatic Punch. For good measure we decided to throw in a ticket to the DigiPublish World Disrupt Forum as well!

The Drum’s Programmatic Punch was a good event, the panel was with News UK (sister company of News Corp) and The Guardian, both of whom are leading members of the Ozone publisher alliance. The audience in general was the right one for Rivr – it was full of publishers who are keen to take a firm grip of the steering wheel and drive their companies forward.

The DigiPublish London Forum was also good, an event for more mature companies. One start-up presented a platform that is “using AI to accelerate audience influence and engagement”. They’re “in beta with five partners going commercial next year” and of course he couldn’t name which partners. I winked and shot him some finger guns. We know how tough it is to getting off the ground.

At the moment, Rivr has 10 signed partners in our beta – and without them, we wouldn’t be able to progress forward nearly as fast as we are. More interestingly, we have partners is the major regions of the world: North America, EMEA and Asia. So we’re truly global! Considering that we started the year with a couple of design partners, we’re really proud of the traction we’ve made in 2018.

Now the interesting bit is yet to come in 2019 when we go commercial and start to scale up properly. I’m not sure what the word is, but it’s a mixture of excitement and anxiousness. If you know a word in any language that sums that up – drop me a line 😀

Until then, we hope you all have a great end to 2018 and some great things lined up for 2019!

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