Programmatic Industry Must-Reads: March

The Rivr Monthly Programmatic Industry Must-Reads.

Our monthly post includes a recap of the latest programmatic industry news.

1. WTF is a unified ad auction? – Digiday

“Unified auctions have replaced the more traditional waterfall model. In a unified auction, multiple ad exchanges can have access to the same publisher inventory, at the same time and bid accordingly. The former waterfall model was more like a hierarchy where Google had first (and often last) dibs on bidding, followed by the next exchange in the waterfall. Anything those two vendors didn’t want, was then passed to the next SSP in the chain and so on until the inventory sold. Unified auctions helped publishers make more ad revenue because having more SSPs and exchanges bidding for their inventory drove up prices.”

Must Reads April 1

2. Google Is Moving To First-Price, But Big Questions Remain – AdExchanger

“Google’s move to create unified, first-price auctions for publishers using Google Ad Manager doesn’t just change the auction type. It impacts pricing, header bidding, publisher floors and how publishers see AdWords demand. Under the new rules, all exchanges will bid for an impression at the same time, and Google will lose the “last look” it reserved for itself to outbid its fellow exchanges via a second-price auction.”

Must Reads April 2

3. As the Cookie Crumbles, What’s on the Horizon for Identity Data? – Exchangewire

“With browsers such as Safari and Firefox blocking third-party cookies, more publishers are beginning to look for new ways to utilise their rich customer data, enabling them to deliver the same level of targeting that Facebook and Google have made commonplace. To date, attempts to do so have been hampered by a lack of privacy-safe technology to navigate the ever-increasing expanse of consumer data, fragmented across disparate data silos.”

Must Reads April 3

4. Programmatic Hasn’t Been Able to Live Up to Its Potential – Adweek

“Programmatic advertising today is at a crossroads, and if advertising on the open web is ever going to catch up with the walled gardens, there needs to be a fundamental reset in terms of approach.”

Must Reads April 4

5. IAB Tech Lab Releases Final Version Of App-Ads.Txt – MediaPost

“The IAB Tech Lab’s OpenRTB working group has released the final version of the app-ads.txt standard, an extension of ads.txt designed to help combat digital advertising fraud in mobile apps and on OTT. The final release version of app-ads.txt will “usher in a rapid wave of adoption by app developers and programmatic media buyers,” the IAB Tech Lab says. The beta period is over, allowing for more widespread adoption by players in the digital media ecosystem.”

Must Reads April 5
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