Programmatic Industry Must-Reads: August

Rivr’s Monthly Round-up Covers The Programmatic Industry’s Must-Reads.

1. Prepping For The Worst Is The Best Approach To The California Consumer Privacy Act – AdExchanger

When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took hold in May 2018, some US publishers opted to block EU traffic. With state regulations, this isn’t a viable option – the logistics would be too complex and the revenue hit would be too great. What is more likely is that publishers might take a Band-Aid approach to compliance, doing just enough as each regulation surfaces, but this is a risky strategy while laws are so vague and varied.

The best approach for publishers is to prepare for the worst-case scenario.”

2. A Year In: How Agencies Have Adapted To A World Without Google’s DoubleClickID – Digiday

“The fact Google no longer shares its user-level data outside of ADH has pushed some marketers to go all-in on the Google stack, while others have been more compelled to consider alternative, more open partners, according to a senior executive at a major media agency. “It’s the marketer’s call to make depending on how deep into bed they’re comfortable being with Google,” added the same executive.”

3. Programmatic Will Be The Way All Media Is Traded – ExchangeWire

According to Zenith’s Programmatic Media Forecasts80% of digital media will be traded programmatically in core markets by 2020. Year on year growth of programmatic display may have dropped below 20%, but an overall increase is being driven by the availability of new programmatically traded formats.”

4. Google Rivals Opting Out Of Forced Search Engine Auction In Europe – MediaPost

Berlin-based search engine Ecosia said Monday it will opt out of participating in Google’s recently announced default Android search engine auction.

Ecosia officials reportedly call the auction unethical and anticompetitive, and ask Google to abandon the process, allowing users to freely choose the search engine rather than auctioning off access to the highest bidder.”

Forced Search Engine Auction

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