DMEXCO is done, on to DIG Lisbon!

You want to talk about busy? Let’s take a look back at DMEXCO then, shall we?

To continue getting the word out to the market about Rivr, our audience yield manager, Simplaex secured a spot in The Start-up Village in Hall 5. Conveniently, we were positioned right at the entrance so there was plenty of footfall. Even if we didn’t have 20+ scheduled meetings for the two days, there would have been enough to keep us busy with the curious passers-by.

Making the situation even more challenging was that some of our meetings were, of course, in the other halls. My attempt at streamlining the process by lining up meeting that were in the same hall at the same time of day was, of course, stymied by last minute changes.

Another spanner in the works was the last minute offer to present Rivr for a second time on stage. That’s hard to pass up. So we re-jigged the schedules to make it work. And by “we”, I’m not using the Royal “we”, per usual, but rather JanMoti and Jeff were there as well. Between the four of us, we also found time to wonder and explore the halls. One booth used AI to predict the gender and age of those standing in front of its camera. Someone amongst our group was ID’d as being almost 10 years younger than his actual age. Alas, no, it wasn’t me…

So, if you didn’t get a chance to go, but want to make out as if you were there, (not sure why anyone would want to brag about being at an ad-tech conference they weren’t at but whatever…) in theory here’s what you could say:

“Connected TV… it’s so hot right now.”

“To me, it seems like DMEXCO is becoming more about vendors selling to vendors.”

“Did it seem a little thinner compared to last year? Just not the same now that the founders aren’t involved anymore.”

And voila, it’s just like you were there!

So, now with DMEXCO behind us, there’s plenty to follow up on and there’s only two weeks for that before heading off to sunny Lisbon. No, not for a holiday, but for the DIG Lisbon conference where we’re presenting a workshop on how artificial intelligence can make sense out of the confusion of the ecosystem. I’m looking forward to that and maybe a bit of R&R on the beach… let’s see how lucky I am.

Follow the fun on Twitter and let’s see what happens next!

Next Stop — @DIG Lisbon!

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