There has been much discussion and concern across the industry regarding the Google first price auction announcement, so we thought it a good time to tackle the subject in some […]

July 30, 2019

So there I was… Just when you think you got a handle on things, WHAMO!, life throws you a curveball. Isn’t that usually the case? So I’m sitting there in […]

June 17, 2019

We are hosting a panel discussion at Admonsters Ops NYC on June 4th at 12:20 pm – Join us! “While the duopoly continues to garner the lion’s share of ad […]

May 29, 2019
Nearly 100 years ago, department store and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker famously said, “Fifty percent of my advertising spend is wasted, I just don’t know which fifty percent.” Today, many [...]
May 20, 2019

Private marketplaces (PMPs) have played a key role in the programmatic industry thus far, ensuring brand safety for publishers whilst taking advantage of the growing market. However, with increasing trust […]

April 10, 2019

Header bidding has provided a new opportunity for publishers, to take control over their programmatic advertising. While for brands and agencies, it promised to make a new whole range of […]

January 31, 2019

At the core of Rivr’s audience yield manager for publishers and SSPs is the AI-powered user classification technology, launched by Simplaex earlier in 2018. Following his appearance at The Drum’s Programmatic […]

January 09, 2019

Rivr — billed as a universal translator for the programmatic ecosystem — is trying to refine the transaction process. Can a small startup achieve the ambitious goal of simplifying a […]

September 03, 2018

It’s easy to bemoan the presence of two giants, Google and Facebook — aka the duopoly — as the demise of digital advertising. What makes things worse is that the […]

June 15, 2018