The Audience Yield Manager

That Bridges the Gap between
Supply and Demand
Rivr is the smart way to manage your yield. Emerged from Simplaex user classification technology, our audience yield manager aligns the interests of media buyers, publishers, and users, by providing meaningful engagement for brands, superior monetization for content creators, and a better user experience for consumers.
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The Audience Yield Manager for

The Supply Side Ecosystem
For SSPs
Boost your revenues by managing yield at the user level and drive superior monetization for your publishers.
For Publishers
Get better value from both direct and programmatic sales whilst maximizing value for media buyers.

They Talk about Us

“It’s a fascinating employment of AI, one that could level the playing field for supply-side technology players.”
Gavin Dunaway - Editorial Director
“Meant to tackle the increasingly complicated relationship between publishers and advertisers, Rivr offers a new level of precision by simplifying the supply chain.”
Melynda Fuller - Editor

Rivr News

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29 May 2019

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