The brains behind Rivr

At the core of Rivr's audience yield manager is the user classification technology developed by Simplaex. This technology transforms the data in the bid stream from the basic traffic dimensions of bid requests and clicks, to universal audience classifications agreed by both the supply and demand.

Combined with the analysis of user behavior patterns, this optimizes the deal flow between demand and supply, increasing performance and decreasing operational costs for SSPs and Publishers.

Meet the folks

who make Rivr happen
Rivr is the brainchild of Jeffry van Ede (CEO) and Moti Tal (CTO), who co-founded the company in 2015.
Moti was formerly CTO of Inneractive and Jeffry CEO of Sony Germany.
Jeffry and Moti lead a team of ad-tech experts who’ve worked on both sides of the ecosystem, at companies including Fyber, Inneractive, Fiksu, and Smart AdServer...
VP Strategy
VP Product

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