About Rivr

Rivr, a product of Simplaex, is an Audience Yield Manager that provides SSPs and Publishers with real-time floor price optimization and demand partner selection. This is done by analyzing the programmatic bid stream on the user level to ensure that the floor price is set at the going market rate and the request is sent only to the relevant demand partners. The result is improved revenue and relevancy while streamlining operational costs.

Seamless to install and operate, Rivr uses machine learning to understand the available inventory and decipher who is looking to buy which audience, and at what price. With this, when the next advertising opportunity becomes available, Rivr can accurately predict what the floor price should be and who the bid request should be sent to.

The end result is a win-win-win for the ecosystem: where the demand side is getting the quality traffic they want at an acceptable market price, the end-users are getting a better experience with more relevant content and the SSP/publisher is getting higher revenues.

Meet The Team

Behind Rivr
Rivr is the brainchild of Jeffry van Ede (CEO) and Moti Tal (CTO), who co-founded the company in 2015.
Moti, formerly CTO of Inneractive, and Jeffry CEO, of Sony Germany, lead a team of ad-tech experts who have worked on both sides of the programmatic ecosystem at companies like Fyber, Inneractive, Fiksu, and Smart AdServer.
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VP Product

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